Pete now has two wines manufactured and produced by L’uva Bella exclusively for Youngstown State University. It is now available at select retail locations for just $10.99 a bottle.

Pete’s Red – Pinot Noir

The work put into growing Pinot is definitely worth it. Pinot Noir makes flavorful fruit forward medium bodied wine. Pinot Noir’s flavor profile is a medley of strawberry, cherry, blackberry and raspberry. It marries well with wild game, cheeses, beef, bacon, pork and chocolate.

Pete’s White – Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is w white wine that is light and refreshing. Pinot Grigio pairs well with pasta with pesto or cream sauce, cheese, butter, seafood ravioli, trout, salmon, and veal scaloppini.

YSU Wines now available at these retail locations

  • The Beverage Depot – Mahoning Ave
  • Larry’s Drive Thru – Poland
  • Inner Circle – Canfield
  • Rulli Bros – Boardman and Austintown
  • Belleria – Struthers
  • Chalet Premiere – Boardman
  • Brookfield Drive Thru – Brookfield
  • Sparkle – South Ave, Western Reserve, Village Plaza Columbiana, Cornersburg,
  • Save A Lot – Hubbard
  • Tic Toc – New Middletown and Rt 422
  • The Wine Cellar – Austintown
  • A& C Beverage – Downtown Youngstown
  • MVR Restaurant – Youngstown
  • East Point Market – Poland
  • Giant Eagle – Poland
  • Riser Grille and Tavern – Poland
  • Vintage Estates – Boardman
  • Struthers Beer & Wine – Youngstown Poland Rd
  • Sami Quick Stop – Midlothian, Struthers
  • Ross Market – Lowellville

Hurry in while supplies last. Just $2.99 per pound.

We are offering raw olives from California. The price is $2.99 per pound, and an olive recipe is below.

Time to harvest olives goes from late August through November at any stage from totally green not mature to fully ripened. The stage of the harvest depends on whether the olives will be used for eating or oil production. Olives for eating are handpicked to avoid bruising. Olives cannot be eaten directly from the tree, they are very, very bitter and very unpleasant. The first thing to do is curing them using various methods for each type of olives. The most effective curing method is using lye, good for large, fleshy green olives such as Spanish Manzanilla, Italian Bella di Cerignola and the Queen green olives, which are often stuffed with garlic.

Curing Green Olives

Dissolve 0.7 oz. of lye in warm water for each 2.2 lbs of olives. Place the olives in a large plastic bucket or stainless steel pot, add the water with dissolved lye, cover with tap water to the top. Leave them to cure for 2 days, mixing every so often using kitchen gloves and a long wood spoon or stick. After this time, rinse the olives with clean water many times and leave them again in a clean water for 24 hours. After this time, change water one more time, add 3.5 oz. of salt for each 2.2 lbs. of olives. Place the olives and the salty water in glass jars (only glass) with air tight lids and store in a dark cool place. They will be ready for consumption after two weeks and will keep up to two years, but once the jar is open, you must consume it.