Bulk Juice & Wine Sales

Attention wineries. From the vine to the bottle, L’uva Bella services go full circle offering fresh juices, hand-picked grapes and bulk wines to wineries since 2006.

Whatever your wine needs rely on the experts at L’uva Bella help you succeed. We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of the industry and its ever-changing supply and demand.

We can provide all the products and services at a value price to wineries – big and small.


  • Fresh Grape Juice (click here for seasonal availability)
  • Bulk Wines
  • Fresh California Grapes
  • Sources of the bulk juice and wine include California, Italy, local western New York/Eastern Pennsylvania and Chile.
  • Some of the varietals available are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Concord, Niagara, Catawba

 2019 Specials – This offer is for wineries only!

Bulk Juice Specials – Act while supplies last!

  • Concord $3.75 per gallon
  • Niagara $4.50 per gallon
  • Catawba $4.50 per gallon
  • Bulk Young Wine (dry)

  • Concord $5.99 per gallon
  • Niagara $6.15 per gallon
  • Catawba $6.15 per gallon

Special pricing available for orders over 1,000 gallons.

Services include

  • Crushing and de-stemming to exacting specifications
  • Fermenting popular profiles
  • Stabilizing and crossflow filtrating for highest quality assurance
  • Packing in bulk-sized vessels, 59-gallon drums, 265-gallon totes
  • Custom Bottling and Labeling
  • Professional Lab Work
  • Logistics/Shipping

Bulk Juice Order Form

To order bulk juices please visit our Juices & Grapes page.


Whether you are just getting started or managing an established wine operation, let L’uva Bella be your go-to source for the best in juice, grapes, and wine.

Call or email us today to sample any one of our fine products and see for yourself what makes us different.

Charles Crespi
Head Winemaker

Call 330-536-6450 option 401 (for Charles) or 105 (for Nicole) or fill out the form below.

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