This year’s Smart Women Breakfast & Awards panel features four women in distinct professions. Yet for all their accomplishments, and as diverse as their backgrounds and paths to success are, one thread that connects them is the universal realities of being women in business. On Oct. 7, they will come together to share their experiences in the hope that their stories will help others along their professional journey. Read more

Joe talks with Marisa Sergi and learns about L’uva Bella Winery and Brands and the amazing experience you can have enjoying local wine in a safe place! Read more

According to 2017 Open Call applicant-turned-supplier Marisa Sergi, the founder of Red Head Wines, it can be daunting to pitch a company that does $500 billion in sales through its website and over 11,000 global stores, but  she felt it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Read more

Marisa Sergi is a third-generation winemaker and one of the forces behind L’uva Bella Winery. After earning a B.S in winemaking from Cornell University and moving to California to work for the largest winery in the U.S., she moved back to Ohio to launch one of her brands, RedHead Wine, now known as Red’s Wine. A few years later all her wines can be found in Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, DC and soon to be NC + SC. Due to the success of the Red’s brand, she acquired her family winery, L’uva Bella in 2020, where Marisa develops and executes multiple brands. This has earned L’uva Bella the title of one of Ohio’s fastest growing wine companies and being recognized by the world’s largest retailer as a “Lead Supplier.” Marisa is not only passionate about wine, but also the entrepreneurial spirit. Over the past few years, Marisa has spoken to over 50,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and continues to mentor students as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Cornell. Read more

Interview with Marisa Sergi.