L’uva Bella wines are ideal gifts for any occasion.

Buying Wine Online

We can now ship to 18 states, press on the link below to order wine.


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Gift Baskets

In addition to L’uva Bella wines, custom gift baskets can be made to order containing our wine(s) by themselves or with one or more of the following items: chocolates, cheese, crackers, decorative napkins or other items from our gift shop.

To order please call 330.536,6999

Gift Cards

L’uva Bella Gift Cards never expire and can be used towards tastings, special events, wine purchases, and food.

Simply checkout via PayPal below: choose whether you would like an electronic gift card sent to you, or a physical card mailed (additional $2.50 shipping charge included in final cost).

You can use either gift card option at our location; electronic card users can choose to have the remaining balance placed on a physical gift card for future purchases, if the full balance is not used at time of redemption.

Physical Gift Card Purchase


Electronic Gift Card Purchase


Private Label Wines

Private label wines add a memorable touch to any special event or celebration, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and holidays. We will customize the label to fit your unique taste and occasion.

We can make custom labels while you wait or pre-order, .  You pick out the label paper and tell us what you would like printed on the label.