For an easy holiday dinner, serve L’uva Bella at home this season. You’ll find many of your favorites including seafood, pasta, greens, sauces, soup and more.

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Place orders by December 16th to be picked up between December 19th thru the 22nd. Call 330-536-6450 to place your order.

By the Quart

  • White or red clam sauce $18
  • Calamari sauce $18
  • Mamma Sergi’s red sauce $12
  • Marinara sauce $12
  • Wedding soup $12
  • Hot peppers in oil $12


Cheese trays

Small (25 to 30 people) $50
Large (35 to 60 people) $100

Shrimp cocktail

Small (10 to 15 people) $40
Large (25 to 30 people) $75




Half pan $45
Full pan $80

Fried battered smelts

Half pan $40
Full pan $70

Sausage stuffed hot Hungarian peppers

$3 each


Sausage with peppers and onions

Half pan $45
Full pan $85

Slow roasted beef in Auju

Half pan $45
Full pan $80

Chicken Francaise

Half pan $50
Full pan $95

Chicken Marsala

Half pan $50
Full pan $95


Cavatelli with Mamma Sergi’s red sauce

Half pan $30
Full $55

Tortellini with Tomato basil sauce

Half pan $75
Full $125


Cod with Mamma Sergi sauce with capper, Kalamata olives, crushed pepper seeds

Half pan $6o
Full pan $110