Wine Making

Garrett Lattanzio is our Chief Winemaker and his mission is to create wines that would be prized in all markets around the world.

His dedication and passion for winemaking ensure that all of our wines continue to push the boundaries while maintaining the high quality of wines.

Garretts’ incredible palate brings distinct quality and character to all of our wines.

Winemaking Classes

Whether you’re new to to wine or a longtime wine enthusiast, we have classes that will stimulate your palate and learn more about wine.

Make Your Own Wine Class

For $189.00 – Wine making classes are scheduled throughout April, Sept. and Oct. during the months when juice and grapes arrive.

What’s included
One Bucket of Bello Chilean Juice (makes 25 to 30 bottles of wine), 5 gallon Better Bottle, 1 gallon glass jug, 2 fermentation locks, 2 bungs, Siphon kit, Thief, Hydrometer, Stabilizing packet, One Step or Easy Clean, Choose a mixing spoon or paddle, Cheese cloth, Brew belt, 2 oz. bag Potassium Metabisulfate

Wine Equipment and Supplies

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Juice Order Forms

To order juices (order forms and instructions) please click here

Wine Making Instructions

General Instructions to Use as a Guide

The Home Winemakers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a basic guide to leading the home winemaker in the right direction.

Private Label Wines

Private label wines add a memorable touch to any special event or celebration, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and holidays. We will customize the label to fit your unique taste and occasion.

We can make custom labels while you wait or pre-order. You pick out the label paper and tell us what you would like printed on the label.